From the Desk of the Principal



Dear Members of RBKTPDC family,

Greetings and good wishes!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.

An effective schooling cycle keeps the learners engaged in learning and sustainable development. But what makes RBKIS special? In today’s highly competitive environment, continuous learning and knowledge play the most important part in shaping a student’s career choices and personality traits. And how is it that we ensure that they take on these challenges successfully and effortlessly?

We arm them with knowledge.

  • Scaffolding classroom teaching with technology & innovative methodologies
  • Ensuring student participation resulting in high engagement.
  • Creating global citizens in a local environment keeping the Indian ethos in mind.
  • Adding palpable value to learning.
  • Developing scientific temper through hands on experience and exposure through extra curricular activity

We shall not settle down with mediocrity and are determined to continue the good work in education by unlocking the creative and innovative potential of our learners, taking inspiration where we can and being an inspiration to others.

Do write to us to share your concerns as we value your feedback while looking forward to your continued partnership and collaboration.

Yours in service,
Sagareeka Bhatia